March 2012

I am a bit thick at times. I think this may be a side effect of being told all your life that you’re smart. When you believe you’re smart, thinking you know everything kind of comes with the territory. And that is not the best recipe for learning lessons or anything else for that matter. […]


I know how you feel.I know you don’t believe that.I know you think that’s easy for me to say.I know you believe that you’re the only one who has gone through what you’ve gone through, done what you’ve done, been where you’ve been.I know how hard you try to keep it all together, to be […]


Life sucks sometimes. It just does. We can try to sugarcoat it all we want but the simple truth is, it ain’t all fun and games.Over the last several years, I have transformed myself into a more positive person. I’ve gone from living with my ear to the ground, listening for the warning signs of […]


Early last year I sat in on a conference call with money coach Meadow DeVor that rocked my world on many levels. Among other things, she introduced a tool called the Abundance Scale. The Abundance Scale is a method that Meadow developed “to determine the way we feel and give it a numeric value.” So, […]