March 2011

Everything is different. And yet it’s also completely the same. From the outside, my life looks exactly like it looked two months ago. It looks the same as it did four months ago too. Even six months ago. Maybe longer. My house is a little dirtier but other than that, I can’t think of one […]


He was the first boy I ever completely gave myself too – heart, soul and body (but it’s not what you think). It was love at first sight (sort of) but we hung out together for nine months before we ever laid eyes on each other.Max Edward Maurer came into my life on February 11th, […]


When I first developed and launched the Power Play 90,  my intent was to write about the program so that others could follow along.Actually, scratch that. My original intent wasn’t to write about the program so that others could follow along. My intent was to share the creative process of developing, launching and beginning the […]


Recently, the incredibly talented Amy Oscar asked me to write a piece for The Wisdom Series, thirteen days of guest posts by “13 of the wisest women she knows”  in order to welcome spring. I was beyond honored to oblige.Amy is an author (just released an AMAZING book that you have to check out!) and […]

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Ninety powerful, serious days… That’s what this program’s all about, right? We’re supposed to be putting our noses to the grindstones, digging in and seeing just how much we can accomplish. Yeah! Kicking ass and taking names and flipping every single one of our obstacles the bird. Watch out world, here we come!Right.There’s just one […]



Sometimes it seems as if preparing to start is harder than the starting itself. That is certainly the case with the Power Play 90. There’s A LOT of prep work, I know. That’s actually by design and it’s really necessary and important. In other words, there’s a method to my madness.See, if I just hustled […]


So, it’s Thursday and I’m supposed to write a blog post. It’s a rule I set for myself… THOU SHALL WRITE A BLOG POST ON MONDAYS AND THURSDAYS. And I’m nothing if not a staunch rule-follower. It practically makes me break out in hives to so much as jaywalk.The blog rules are something I put […]