May 2010

I’ve got this friend. She a real estate agent. She’s been helping my parents look for a house since they moved back to Indiana after spending four years in Alabama. Yesterday, they signed on the dotted line for a house to be built just ten short minutes from ours. They had been looking for about […]


I’ve got two new theme songs these days. One is actually not so new. I learned it from Elmo. Not the real-life Elmo. I’ve never been lucky enough to actually meet him. No, the song was passed on to me by a stuffed though quite animated version of Elmo that my son Max got for […]


Have I mentioned that my parents moved in with us? No? Well they did. Three weeks ago. They sold their house in Alabama, packed up their stuff and headed north. They are currently working with a REALTOR and friend of mine to find a new home. In the meantime, they’re staying with us. It’s great. […]


You’re okay. In fact you’re better than okay. Haven’t you actually always been okay? Aren’t those times in your past that you thought you weren’t okay just times during which you forgot how much you were loved and cared for? And weren’t the really “bad” times in your life nothing more than opportunities for you […]


Yesterday was the annual Math Pentathlon tournament at Lawrence Central High School in Indianapolis. And yes, it’s as geeky as it sounds. Math Pentath (as those of us on the inside call it) consists of five math-based games for students in kindergarten through 7th grade. It’s a dream come true for Mr. Maurer and when […]

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