Trust is magic

The word trust has been my word of the year for 2014. It has been a good word – the best of words, actually. It has not been easy to let it do its work, to pry open my protective little heart and convince me to let it lead again. But that’s exactly how I feel… open… wide open… broken open.

I am in a deep state of surrender and it’s simultaneously the scariest and most beautiful feeling I’ve ever had. The Universe knows this. So it is sending me messages to tell me that all is well, that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be, that scared and beautiful are the perfect combination for living a life that feels both real and magical at the same time.

There is not one single aspect of your life that can’t be made better by trust. Not one. Traffic, shopping, cooking, paying bills, dealing with bickering teenagers, making decisions, buying cars, scheduling appointments, improving your relationships, forgiving everyone… the list goes on and on.

I’m not saying that everything will always turn out exactly the way you wanted it to turn out. I’m saying that when you learn to trust, you’ll stop caring how things turn out. You’ll be elated with how things turn out because you’ll understand that how things turn out has no real bearing on who you truly are.

You’ll get that you are completely whole and exactly who and where you’re supposed to be, and that NOTHING can ever change that. And as soon as you accept that about yourself, you’ll be able to accept it in everyone else. Then, when you forget it, it’ll feel so unnatural to you, so foreign and so fundamentally wrong, that you’ll want nothing more than to return to your center as quickly as you possibly can. You’ll remember that the only way to get there is let go, to trust, to surrender.

It defies logic and reason and every other stupid ass thing we’ve ever been taught about how to affect positive change in the world. But it is the only thing that works. Please trust me on this. Honestly, I could write a book entitled 1001 Ways to Fail at Affecting Positive Change. I’ve done the experiments repeatedly and documented them meticulously (see my blog archives for more details).

Trust is it. It is the door that must be opened so that the only power we really possess (love) can flow into the world. If love is our superpower (and I wholeheartedly believe it is), trust is our phone booth. It’s how we transform ourselves into superheroes. Without it we’re nothing more than dorks in tights… running around telling everyone that’ll listen that we’ve got what it takes to save the world (been there, done that).

You can start small. You can start where you currently are. You can start now. Today, I want you to turn something over to God (or the Universe or Your Highest Self or Dumbledore or whatever word works for you). Pick something small but irritating or worrisome, and simply say (silently works just fine), “I surrender this situation to you”.  Then trust that all is handled. If you can’t trust, then pick something smaller or less consequential.

I guarantee the situation will be made better. Maybe the improvement will only be in how you experience things. But isn’t that what matters most? Yes. The answer to that question is yes. When our experiences improve, it sets off a chain reaction of positivity that can’t help but make a positive difference for others and the world.

It starts small. It starts with us. It starts with trust.

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