I’m a guidance seeker.

I’m constantly on the lookout for answers and signs and messages about what I should be doing with my life.

I want to know what God or the Universe or Whateveryouwanttocallit wants from me.

I want to be used by Spirit as a conduit or a helper or a miracle worker (the everyday variety).

That’s good, right?

There’s just one little problem…

I don’t trust the guidance I receive.

I’m afraid to.

Because in order to trust I’ve got to let go.

And in order to let go I’ve got to trust.

I’m not a very trusting person.

In fact, I’m the opposite of trusting.

I’m non-trusting, suspicious, skeptical.

I’m afraid that if I truly surrender to the Divine, I’ll end up someplace I don’t want to be…

Like on a televangelist talk show or bankruptcy court or America’s Most Unwanted.

I want to be spiritual and cool.

That’s why I stayed Catholic for so long.

Catholics are cool.

It’s like being in a club complete with choreographed dance moves, secret handshakes and beer.

Who wouldn’t want that kind of spirituality in their life?

And why not?

Why do I think that it has to be anything but what I want it to be?

Why do I believe that following guidance or being spiritual is going to lead me somewhere I don’t want to go?

Where did I get the idea that I have to choose God’s will over our my own?

Maybe they’re the same.

Maybe the Universe wants what I want.

Maybe following guidance will take me exactly where I want to go.

I believe this.

I really do.

But I also believe that if I don’t watch my back, protect myself and be very, very careful, I’ll get hurt or rejected or made to look like a fool.

These two sets of beliefs are constantly pulling me back and forth, like a never-ending tug of war.

Sometimes my belief in a kind and loving Universe gets the upper hand for awhile.

Sometimes my belief in my own fears takes control.

The result is a one-step-forward, two-steps-back (and vice versa at times) kind of stuckness…

That’s how I feel…

Like I’m in a perpetual state of limbo.

Am I the only one?

For selfish reasons, I hope not.

But for spiritual reasons, I hope so.

See what I mean?

There’s that dichotomy again!

I don’t want anybody else to struggle but I don’t want to struggle alone.

Anyway, it probably doesn’t matter what I want, in this regard.

The human condition seems to be something I can’t completely control for myself, let alone others.

All I can really do is put myself out there and say, You too?

Then cross my fingers and hope like hell that someone answers back… Yeah. Me too.



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