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Starting Over

April 21, 2014

What if you could start over? What if you could go back to that time when you were nothing but pure potential? Before the world and all the people in it told you a story about who you are and what you should and shouldn’t do? Before life kicked you around and showed you in […]

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I Want You to Believe in Yourself

April 18, 2014

Yesterday, a friend of mine lovingly told me that I was being very hard on myself. As soon as she said it, I knew it was exactly what I needed to hear. And as soon as I heard it, I stopped doing it. Just like that… as easy as flipping a switch. And as soon […]

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A Fair Question

April 17, 2014

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No More Weak Dreams

April 16, 2014

Stop asking questions that you already know the answers to. Stop searching for stuff you already have. Stop playing it safe, small and close to the vest. Stop holding your tongue, your temper and yourself back. Stop settling for dreams that don’t make you weak in the knees, goals that don’t get you out of […]

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Your Eclipse is Over Too

April 15, 2014

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Strong and Steady

April 14, 2014

I used to believe that fear was the opposite of love. I was wrong. There is no opposite of love. Love is constant… Always there, always flowing, always available. You can’t counteract love. You can simply turn a blind eye to it. That doesn’t affect love. It affects you. And so the question to ask […]

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