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I think I may have mentioned it before but it bears repeating… 2015 is proving to be a pivotal year for me, to say the least. I am finally letting go of a lot of my old fears and insecurities, and stepping more fully into my true self. As a result of that, everything is shifting – including my work and my writing.

In a nutshell, I am diving deeper into my spirituality and allowing that to guide me both personally and professionally. My new ebook is a direct effect of that. Actually, it’s kind of the cause and the effect. Confused? The following is an excerpt from the intro that might clear things up a bit…

Over the course of a little over a month, I received a series of messages via a method that I can only describe as channeled writing. One morning, I sat down to write a blog post and what came out was unlike anything I’d ever written before. It was different in content, style and the way it felt when I wrote it. It came quickly, succinctly and completely. My ears throbbed with a sensation that felt like being in a pressurized airplane cabin and my fingers seemed to have a mind of their own. In the beginning, I didn’t think much of it. Stranger things really have happened to me, believe or not. But as the days went on and the messages kept coming, I found it increasingly difficult to ignore just how extraordinary they were. When the smoke cleared and the dust settled (and the pressure in my ears no longer presented itself), I had thirty-three messages from what I call God. 

These messages have changed everything for me. Not only have they taught (or retaught) me so much, but they’ve also helped me get crystal clear, once and for all, on the work I want to do in the world. (No… seriously… this time I really mean it!)  

Anyway, the book is called Thirty Three and it’s free to my new subscribers. If you’d like a copy and want to come along for the ride, click HERE to sign up now. 

Happy Friday to you all and have a great weekend!

XO – Andrea




February 13, 2015

Might as well make it something good, right? I mean it is Friday, after all. You can go back to making yourself believe all that other stuff on Monday… or not.

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Litmus Test

February 12, 2015


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